Student Development




On June 2nd, our NCCMA student interns toured the nations capitol on Segways!

That was just one fun activity planned, check out the others in the intern events section! 




The Student Development Committee, in support of the educational mission of CMAA, facilitates meaningful interaction for students outside the classroom. Through social, cultural, leadership, educational and recreational experiences, students are encouraged to educate themselves, to form professional relationships and networks, and to become active participants in Private Club Industry.

The Student Development Committee promotes purposeful involvement of students by:
  • Fostering an atmosphere in which students share ideas freely and work collaboratively.
  • Providing a safe and inclusive environment.
  • Offering opportunities to develop leadership skills.
  • Supporting the growth of student organizations.

The National Capital Chapter is proud to be associated with the James Madison University Student Chapter of CMAA. Additional support and involvement in the form of internships, scholarships, and education is given to James Madison University, University of Delaware, Niagara University, Virginia Tech, Penn State, and George Mason University. For more information on the individual student chapters and universities associated with the National Capital Chapter, please click on the link to the left.