Board of Directors

2017/2018 Election
The annual election for the NCCMA Board of Directors is scheduled for Monday, October 16, 2017. The election will be held during our 2017 Annual Meeting and educational workshop at the Cosmos Club in Washington, DC.

In this year’s election, all professional members within the National Capital chapter will have the opportunity to vote to elect four (4) professional members of NCCMA to the Board of Directors for 2018, each to serve three-year terms. The four (4) candidates receiving the highest number of total votes will be elected to the Board this year. The Nominating Committee is very pleased to endorse the following outstanding candidates (listed in alphabetical order by last name) for your consideration in this year’s NCCMA Board of Directors election:

Benjamin Hales, Metropolitan Club, Washington, DC 
Patrick King, CCM,CCE, Army Navy Country Club, Arlington, VA 
Alexandra Sarris, Congressional Country Club, Bethesda, MD
Kate Sieracki, Chevy Chase Club, Chevy Chase, MD 
Deshka Waldeck, The University Club, Washington, DC 
John Warnack, CCM, CFBE, Army and Navy Club, Washington, DC   

Please be advised that a biography and photo for each candidate is linked to their name above.
Additional NCCMA Board of Directors Elections materials:
Notice of Election
Absentee Ballot

The absentee ballot can be used to cast your vote (via scanned e-mail to Managing Director, Kate Scott) in advance of the Annual Meeting, to be received by Kate no later than 11:00 am on October 16, 2017.  A final opportunity to vote in person will be offered, in-person, during the Annual Meeting on October 16, using an Official Ballot form. The election results will be counted, certified and announced on that date. 

Thank you for your thoughtful consideration and participation in this election.   
Mission Statement

The National Capital Chapter of the Club Manager’s Association of America is based on a foundation of providing support to our fellow Club Managers.

Our goals are to provide superior education and networking opportunities for the advancement of our members. Through chapter meetings, workshops and social gatherings we are committed to fulfilling our mission of effectively representing the views of our association members, to develop and disseminate a wide range of information related to club management, the club industry and the policies and laws which may be instrumental in our daily decision making.

The success of our association is a reflection of our membership, regular attendance at our monthly meetings and annual philanthropic and fundraising events underscores our commitment to excellence in Club Management, our volunteer leadership and to our network of friends within the Chapter. One of our goals is to support the professional growth of our new members, inviting them to get more involved with our initiatives at the committee level, nurturing leaders for tomorrow.

We welcome suggestions on how to improve the chapters operation and take great pride in our rich history and place terrific value on the hard work provided to the chapter by those who came before us.

2016/2017 Board Members

Each Board member is accountable for an area of responsibility for the Board of Directors. These responsibilities include the position of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, as well as the focus areas of Membership, Certification, Education, Wine Society, Career Services, Club Classic Golf Tournament, Trade Show Golf Tournament, Website/Technology, Public Relations, Legislative concerns, and Scholarship.

For each of these concentrations, a committee may be assigned in which the Board Member will serve as Chair of the Committee, with the Committee comprised of active chapter members. If you wish to join a Committee, please contact the Chapter President or Board member responsible for the particular committee you are interested in.

Brian Pizzimenti, CCM
Club Classic Golf Tournament Co-Chair
Student Development Committee Co-Chair
Woodmont Country Club
(301) 424-7200


Brad Cance
Vice President
Annual Trade Show and Golf Tournament Co-Chair
Education Committee Co-Chair
Membership Committee Co-Chair
Bethesda Country Club
(301) 265-1700

Brian Maloney
Secretary & Treasurer
Scholarship Committee Co-Chair
Springfield Golf and Country Club
(703) 451-8600  
Kevin Reilly
Executive Treasurer
PBMares, PLC
(703) 385-8809 x306


Patrick King, CCM
Career Services & Certification Committee Chair
Club Foundation & Club Solutions Liaison
Scholarship Committee Co-Chair
Army Navy Country Club
(703) 521-6800

  Deshka Waldeck
Annual Trade Show and Golf Tournament Co-Chair
Virginia Tech University Student Chapter Liaison
The University Club of DC
(202) 824-1375

Sandy McDowell
Public Relations & Technology Committee Co-Chair
James Troppman "Club Manager of the Year" Award Co-Chair
Cosmos Club
(202) 797-6449 

Michael Keith
Public Relations & Technology Committee Co-Chair
Sulgrave Club
(202) 462-5800


David Pendy, CCM
Education Committee Co-Chair
Membership Committee Co-Chair
Scholarship Committee Co-Chair
Lakewood Country Club
(301) 340-8618


Elisha Cicerone
James Troppman "Club Manager of the Year" Award Co-Chair
Education Committee Co-Chair
Wine Society Liaison

Chevy Chase Club
(301) 652-4100

Ed Ronan, CCM, CCE
Annual Trade Show and Golf Tournament Co-Chair
Sponsorship Committee Co-Chair
Bretton Woods Recreation Center
(240) 848-9120


Michael Palamara. CCM
Annual Trade Show and Golf Tournament Co-Chair
Sponsorship Committee Co-Chair
Army Navy Country Club - Fairfax
(703) 359-5825

Brian Donohoe
Scholarship Committee Co-Chair
Student Development Committee Co-Chair
The University Club of DC
(202) 862-8800

Bob Gusella, CCM
Immediate Past President
Legislative Chair & Parliamentarian/Historian
JMU Student Chapter Liaison
Belle Haven Country Club
(703) 894-5301

  Kate Scott
Managing Director